Pokémon: XYZ Series Hindi Dubbed

Pokéflix has recently added new episodes of the Pokémon: XYZ series in Hindi dubbed. You can now watch up to episode 31 of this thrilling series, enjoying the adventures of Ash and his friends in your preferred language.

Demon Slayer Updates

Fans of Demon Slayer will be delighted to know that all seasons of the series have been updated to the AW server for a smoother viewing experience. Additionally, the new Hashira Training Arc episodes are available, with one episode in Hindi and five in Japanese with English subtitles.

Naruto Shippuden Hindi Dubbed

Naruto Shippuden enthusiasts can now watch the series in Hindi dubbed up to episode 98. Moreover, new Hindi dubbed episodes will be released every day at 12 AM Indian Time, ensuring you have fresh content to look forward to daily.

My Hero Academia Season 3

For those following My Hero Academia, Season 3 has been added in Hindi dubbed. Dive back into the action-packed world of heroes and villains with this latest addition to the Pokéflix library.

Stay tuned for more updates, but please note that the next batch of updates might take some time. Keep enjoying your favorite shows on PoféFlix!