Pokéflix – Online TV’s new update is going to happen soon. In this update, we are going to appoint a few Admins to manage this site 365 days with daily updates. Pokéflix – Online TV’s next update is going to happen next year from February to March 2023.

Poké Toon World runs Pokéflix – Online TV from February 2022 to now. It officially launched on 4th November 2021 but it was handed to Poké Toon World in February 2022 with full administration power. Since that day Poké Toon World has managed this very well. But in this November 2022 on the occasion of the Anniversary of Pokéflix – Online TV, Poké Toon World has announced the latest update of Pokéflix India with you. Pokéflix – Online TV New Update.

Because of having tons of sites, it’s kind of impossible for Poké Toon World to manage alone. So with new partners, Poké Toon World handed half of the power of administration with Pokéflix – Online TV of its own. So now Pokéflix – Online TV runs their site on their own. And so that Pokéflix – Online TV wants to appoint a few new admins to run this site very well with daily new episodes, new anime, new movies, and so on. Pokéflix – Online TV New Update.

So that’s why Pokéflix – Online TV decided to change their server from Poké Toon World to their own because now Pokéflix – Online TV will be a bigger platform. Because of changing server Poké Toon World and Pokéflix – Online TV has done an experiment to check the ability of server changes. But unfortunately, the experiment went wrong and we lost a lot of things. Even how we managed to bring back a few of our data. But anyway account data has been removed. And don’t worry if you have an account on our site, your all data are secured. Because all your account data has been removed from the internet. No one can ever access that account. So don’t worry about your privacy!

About this new update of 2023

Poké Toon World and Pokéflix – Online TV are in search of a few Admins so any work in Pokéflix – Online TV is now temporarily stopped. This year you can’t see any new episodes or updates on Pokéflix – Online TV. And in February we start our work in Pokéflix – Online TV officially. from February Pokéflix – Online TV will be live with the latest Pokémon and other Anime Episodes.

What will happen with new Pokémon Episodes?

Don’t worry we will provide you all the latest Pokemon Episodes videos with you on our Official Telegram Accounts. Join now to don’t miss any new episodes.

Where to watch Pokémon Special 11 Episodes? Known as Pokémon: Aim to be a Pokémon Master.

Pokémon: Aim to be a Pokémon Master is a special series of 11 episodes that will cover Ash’s last journey in Pokémon World. So everyone is excited to watch this series. Everyone eagerly waits for this moment. And from January the series will be started. So if you want to watch the series then you can do it with just One click. You just have to join our official telegram accounts. @PokéToonWorld and @Pokéflix-TV. Click on the links to directly join our Channel. The special 11 episodes will be uploaded on our Telegram Accounts. And from February to March Pokéflix – Online TV will be available with new episodes. So don’t worry. You won’t lose anything from us.