We are Very Happy after Launching this new Feature on Pokéflix – Online TV. For a long time we are thinking to launch this feature, and finally we are now Done!

Here we are gonna cover many things for you! All are listed down.


| Series Release Details (Monthly)

From July Month we are gonna do work in scheduled way. In this Blog Feature we are going to cover all full month schedule. From the first day to last day of Month all things you are gonna know through this Feature.

Starting from this 1st July 2022.

| Series Release Details (Semi-Monthly)

After 15 days of Monthly Details Release we will cover all the done work and undone work in that Blog. Also if we schedule new series to release then that series details will be added on that Blog.

Starting from this 15th July 2022.

| New Release Updates

All Release details will be Scheduled on Monthly and Semi-Monthly post. And after completing the work we write a blog about that.

| Pending Works

If we can’t cover any series in a month then that will be a pending work. And at the end of the month we add that series or video in Pending Blog.

| Postponed Details

All the pending Series and Video will be uploaded next month. And we set a date to release that pending work. And that details will be shared on Postponed Blog.

| Cancelled Details

For any reason if we have to cancel amy series work then we share the details and reason on Cancelled Blog.

| Surver Updates

As most of the time while working we have to down our surver for few hours. That’s not effect much but when we create a backup then it might takes upto 6 to 8 hours. On that time we share the surver down time on this Blog.

Most of our videos are Copyrighted by Pokémon Company and other. So if they release note against us then we have to remove those videos from website. And if we remove any video that will be shared on this Blog.

| And Many More…!!

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