In according to your reports, You are facing problems while using Pokéflix – Online TV. This is an Server Error! For like a Year we haven’t updated our server. So this problems is showing to you. And to fix this we scheduled a Maintenance for Pokéflix – Online TV.

So to fix this Problems we have scheduled a Yearly Maintenance for Pokéflix – Online TV.

In this maintenance period Pokéflix – Online TV will be down. You can’t use this website for that time. After the Maintenance finished all will be working as like previous. The Full Details of this Server Maintenance are given below.

Server Maintenance Details:

  1. Maintenance Date: 4th August 2022
  2. Maintenance Period: 8AM to 5PM (Indian Standard Time)
  3. Usability: No (For everyone)
  4. App Performance: Under Maintenance
  5. What features you will get after this maintenance?
    1. Well Organized Ads.
    2. AdSense Ads Removed from Homepage.
    3. Neat and Clean Interface.
    4. Removed Push Ads.
    5. Few Old Seasons!
    6. A Report or Flag Area to share your feedback.
  6. And Many More…!!!

This Maintenance will take a long time. So Please be patient while this update happeneds. This Update is for you to enjoy Pokémon well!

Why 4th August? First we thought to do this update on 5th August but 5th August is Friday. And a live Episode of Pokémon Season 23 (EP:120) is scheduled on that day. So we changed the time, because can’t stop your enjoyment!!!